Singlehanded Fleet


Skipper – Nick Roberts

I am relatively new kiwi having moved to NZ from Sydney 6 years ago. I’ve been sailing since I was 2 when my dad would take me sailing on Sydney Harbour in his leaking wooden bluebird yacht with a a car seat facing aft bolted to the starboard side of the companionway!  Later on I got into dinghy  … Read More

Black Hornet

Skipper – Laurie Wager

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Chico Too

Skipper  – Trish Beken

I did plenty of single handed sailing on my Reactor, Wishbone, but last year’s single handed series was the first since I changed to a Chico 30, Chico Too.. Read More

Cool Change

SkipperRichard Limbrick

Single-handed sailing has always been appealing. I have plenty of friends however the idea of managing the boat on my own in a range of conditions is a challenge that I relish. Cool Change is a neat boat. Easily managed solo and challenging enough to be raced fully crewed… Read More


Skipper – John Davies

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CU Later

Skipper – Logan Fraser

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Skipper – Andrew Macdonald

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Skipper – Nigel Garland

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Melting Pot

Skipper – Alan Yardley

I came to sailing fairly late at the grand old age of 32 having spent most of my younger years involved in Surf Life Saving, Triathlons, and Surfing.I had never stepped on board a yacht until I arrived in England … Read More


Skipper – Tony McAlwee

I have been sailing for a few years now, and still love the challenge of racing alone. Of course you don’t race alone, you might be by yourself on the boat but you are racing with others in the event. To me that is the key enjoyment…. Read More

Oro Rosa

Skipper – Damon Paling

Lockdown served up a much-welcomed silver-lining as I kicked back on the couch and read Running Free by Robin Knox-Johnston; an inspiring, entertaining, and somewhat terrifying insight into the world of single-handed sailing by a remarkable individual… Read More


Skipper – Nick Beckett

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Skipper – Michael Paauve

A real late starter in sailing. Only a few years back and almost straight away jumped in to buying my own yacht.  I signed up for the single handed series as a personal challenge with the goal of completing every race, learning as I went.  It’s not as hard as I expected and it certainly makes you a better sailor. .… Read More


Skipper – Cory McLennan

Sailing solo has been something I’ve dreamed about since I was young, so I decided to do something about it. In 2014 at the age of 19 I competed in the solo Trans-Tasman Challenge. 16 days at sea and two broken autopilots later I had completed the challenge… Read More

The Entertainer

Skipper – Peter Locke

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Skipper – Jeremy Barrow

We grew up cruising the Hauraki Gulf on a Beale33, which we raced during my teens. I spent a short time crewing race boats in Europe and have done a few deliveries around the Pacific.… Read More

White Lie

Skipper – Andrew Peacocke

Having sailed a couple of times before with friends, I reckoned if anybody gets to do this, it might as well be me!… Read More

Wish You Were Here

Skipper – Nigel Collins

A late starter trying to learn guitar, ‘Wish You Were Here’ was the first song I could sort of play and sing along too. it made sense to name my new (in 2012) cruising Beneteau 34 with the same name… Read More