Oro Rosa – Damon Paling

Lockdown served up a much-welcomed silver-lining as I kicked back on the couch and read Running Free by Robin Knox-Johnston; an inspiring, entertaining, and somewhat terrifying insight into the world of single-handed sailing by a remarkable individual.

With Spring around the corner it is about time to dispense¬†with the comfort of the living room couch and get back in the cockpit with one hand on the helm. ¬†My general sailing experience could be described as “knowing the basics” which places me squarely in the realm of “newbie” when it comes to solo-sailing.

Oro Rosa is a J112e and something of a cross-over cruising/racing 37-footer. Whilst not ideal in set up for single-handed sailing, I will nonetheless aim to give it a good crack.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the water!

Damon’s Stats:
Racing Singlehanded since: 2020
Boat length: 37ft
Longest Race sailed alone: None
Number of Broaches with Spinnaker: Several wipe outs with an asymmetrical
Max wind speed sailed alone: 24 knots
Races finished first on line: None
Races finished first on handicap: None
Races not finished: None
Races finished last: None
Longest DNF time: None