Monotone – Tony McAlwee

I have been sailing for a few years now, and still love the challenge of racing alone. Of course you don’t race alone, you might be by yourself on the boat but you are racing with others in the event. To me that is the key enjoyment, once the race is finished you are reunited with a like-minded group of people that have just shared an experience. My boat is called Monotone (Mono = Solo, tone = Tony) and she is just under 11m long. I purchased her to develop for longer distance solo and short handed events, a couple of years in and the project is about 65% done. Apparently good things take time.I find when racing you can take two approaches; race to win, or sail as fast as possible. Occasionally they are the same thing, but you are more likely to notice Monotone streaking away off the wind with maximum sail area up with less regard to the shortest course or possible wipeouts – then you know I’m having fun.

Looking forward to a great 2022 – 2023 single-handed season, seeing old friends and meeting new participants.

Tony’s Stats:
Racing Singlehanded since: 2015
Boat length: 10.9m
Longest Race sailed alone: Coastal Classic 120nm
Number of Broaches with Spinnaker: 50+
Max wind speed sailed alone: 54 knots (42 average)
Races finished first on line: A few
Races finished first on handicap: More than a few
Races not finished: A couple
Races finished last: About 8
Longest DNF time: 14 hours