RYC PredictWind Tracker

For select races you will be able to track your RYC racing using the PredictWind Tracker – a smartphone app that uses your phone’s GPS to track progress and upload it to the Predictwind site. Tracked boats can then be viewed on the app. Active and recent races can also be viewed online.

The service relies on skippers (or their smart phone savvy crew) to set up the app and get one tracked smart phone for their boat. Get your friends and rivals involved; the more boats tracking, the more fun the tracking becomes!  For more information go to the PredictWind Tracker site.

To download the app for Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.predictwind.tracker&hl=en

To download the app for iPhone:


Here are some simple rules for success with the tracker:

  • Turn off your wi-fi and bluetooth (then restart) OR make sure you are charging while tracking
  • Start the tracker before leaving the dock – it will update every 5 mins untill your scheduled race time (when it will switch to updating more frequently)
  • Only one phone can be set to a tracked boat at a time, however you can have a backup phone ready to go if the first fails – the tracker will patch the tracks together for you
  • Keep your phone in a place in the boat that receives good cell and GPS reception
  • Waterproof cases are great, but not necessary.
  • Get you friends to join in – it’s more fun with more boats participating!
  • For best results phones should be connected to a power source or power bank battery [the app is a little power hungry]

To request tracking for a race or to give feedback on the tracker email us