The Entertainer – Peter Locke

I started sailing at the age of 7, and just love being out on the water with friends and also alone. I love the solitude of solo racing, it gives me time to think and enjoy our glorious natural backyard. Racing solo is also a great challenge and forces one to think ahead, plan and solve problems Рespecially when you are over confident and put the kite up in trying conditions, I have been guilty of flying a spinnaker from the top of the mast like a great flag more than once.

Peter’s Stats:

Racing Singlehanded Since: A wee lad in dinghies, in Auckland since 2011
Boat Length: 9.30m
Longest Race Sailed Alone: Route 66
Number of Broaches with Spinnaker: Lol, I owned a quarter tonner so too many to remember, and lost at least one person overboard.
Max Wind Speed Sailed Alone: 40 knots
Races Finished First on Line: None
Races Finished First on Handicap: A few
Races Not Finished: (2012 or 2013 Route 66)
Races Finished Last: 1
Longest DNF Time: 12 hrs (R66 – retired)