Chico Too – Trish Beken

I did plenty of single handed sailing on my Reactor, Wishbone, but last year’s single handed series was the first since I changed to a Chico 30, Chico Too. In some ways it was easier as she has no extras. On the other hand she is bigger and winching in the genoa is harder, which doesn’t quite fit with reducing strength as I get older! I’m certainly not going to win any tacking duels.

What I have found hardest is manoeuvring a longer, heavier boat in small spaces and getting on and off the marina, so I have been very grateful to the other skippers on W pier who have helped me off before leaving themselves. There may be competitiveness on the water but there is wonderful camaraderie off it, with everyone happy to help each other.

I was pleased to have finished every race in the series last year, especially the Route 66. I am looking forward to racing again this summer, and with so much scope for improvement I should be able to do better!

Trish’s Stats
Racing Singlehanded since: 2001
Boat length: 9.3m
Longest Race sailed alone: Solo Trans Tasman
Number of Broaches with Spinnaker: 1
Max wind speed sailed alone: 40+ in the Tasman
Races finished first on line: None
Races finished first on handicap: 2013 Route 66 and 2016 Kawau Night Race
Races not finished: 2016 Route 66
Races finished last: Lots!
Longest DNF time: 12 hours