Excel Refrigeration Gulf Triangle


3 Legs, 2 Layovers – Single or Two-Handed
Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd March 2024

This long-distance, weekend race capitalises on the club’s current Route 66 as leg 1, Auckland to Whangarei.  After a compulsory stopover at Marsden Cove, the fleet will restart for the leg across to Port Abecrombie on the Great Barrier, and after a further compulsory stopover, race the third leg back to Auckland.  This event will suit those looking for adventure and challenge and the experience of racing longer distances singlehanded or shorthanded.

Having enjoyed the Route 66, our patrol boat will accompany you to Great Barrier and provide dinner and breakfast, before sending you homeward bound to Westhaven.

To follow the 2024 race by PredictWind Tracker:

  • Leg 1: Search for RYC, then “Route 66 24”.
  • Legs 2 and 3: Search for RYC, then “RYC Singlehanded”