Sail Pass

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Get your Sail Pass and sign-up to the 2021 – 2022 season.  Available for all RYC members is the RYC Sail Pass allowing entry to a full season of racing at the very shipshape rate of only $240.  This year you can buy your sail pass and enter all the series and races in one step using the Top Yacht Entry System.

      1. On the RYC Season Entry page select “Series Entry.” 
  1. Under series name, select “Sail Pass”.  Step 2 select an “Entry option” which suits you.
  2. Fill out and check your boat details as normal & select the Races or Series you want to commit to.
  3. Select a payment option and pay
  4. To select the divisions you wish to compete in, use the individual Race or Series links and in Step 2, use “Update Existing Series Entry” 

If you want to enter more races at a later date using your RYC Sail Pass, use the links on each Race or Series web page, then just enter each race as normal and select “Exempt RYC Sail Pass Holder” on the entry form.