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Alex Hong
021 702 050
Available to crew Wednesday nights, Winter Racing or any time.  I have my own Yacht at Westhaven Marina with 10 years of  experience.   I am a male 60yr old I willing to bring beer or share expenses.
Listed: 4/3/20

Juan Jose Ramos
Hey RYC, My name is Juan, I just moved to Auckland from Argentina. I used to sail  in my city Mar del Plata, and be part of a racing crew during the local championship. Although I have good enough English speaking skills,  I might need to learn the specfics words.  I would love to get into the water and share this passion with anyone that would need some help on board.  I am currently working in the CBD and have thursday and Friday free, but could change it in the future.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Cheers Juan
Listed: 20/2/20

Peter Williams
020 4010 6627
I’ve some dinghy sailing experience and am studying my boat master but have limited yacht experience. But I am keen and reliable so would love to get on the water for the evening races.
Listed: 11/2/20

Joanne Moana Antonetti
021 0804 6082
Hi, I am a 32-year-old woman from France and arrived in Auckland a few months ago. I have raced a bit in Sydney and Auckland. Still at a very early stage of sailing but eager to learn more about the pit/piano/keyboard in particular.  I am very keen on doing more sailing (racing + cruising) and have a good time on the water and afterwards.  Mostly available on Wednesday, Friday and the Weekend.  Feel free to reach out to me by email at
Listed: 21/1/20

021 026 27000
Available and willing to get involved in any type of sailing!  My husband and I have just moved to Auckland where he works but is keen to sail in the evenings or weekends – I am looking for work but am very available at present!  Both 28yrs old from the Southampton, UK, have our RYA day skipper tickets and done plenty of yacht cruising however want to get involved in some racing on all types of vessels!
Listed: 26/11/19

Sam & Heather
022 128 8684
Hello, my wife and I have recently moved to Auckland and are looking to get involved with racing and cruising both on weekday evenings and weekends. We are both experienced and confident on yachts and dinghys and are happy to get stuck in. We could be regulars or casual crew and of course always willing contribute. Please give me a call or email. Thanks, Sam.
Listed: 19/11/19

Annah McMillan
022 595 8058
Hi! I’m experienced, l’m eager to learn more, and I’m available for any racing or cruising. I raced on a Young 88 in 2016 in Wellington harbour where I began to learn the spinnikar. Last year I was cruising the Mediterranean before crossing the Atlantic. As well, I have crewed up to Tonga and across the Gulf of Mexico. I hope that meeting some Auckland sailors may lead to more cruising up to the islands and beyond next year.  But for now, racing! I am great crew, attentive and keen to work hard. I am looking forward to my first Auckland summer.  You may find me on Friday nights for the fun races or please email or phone me if you are looking for racing or cruising crew.  Cheers,  Annah
Listed: 6/11/19

Fiona Johnston
021 246 0077
Hi – I have sailed with RYC for three years mainly on Friday Night Specials but also some longer races including Coastal Classic. Sailing skills are average but I am keen to learn and come with supplies!  I would love to get out on the water more often. Why not give me a call if you need casual crew or regular crew this summer.
F  i  o  n  a
Listed: 17/9/19

Jamie Cameron
021 784 878
Hi there, I would love to get involved in the odd race. I have started my Yachtmaster but are closer to the beginning. Fit, strong, 17 keen to get involved in anything sailing. Cheers, Jamie
Listed: 30/7/19

Natasha Wilson
I am a 21 year old, recently move to Auckland to work as a para-planner for a financial services company. I have grown up on boats and yachts from a young age when living in Durban, South Africa. I have participated in many ‘daytime’ races including Wednesday night club races as well as overnight competitive racing.  I am really keen to get into the sport of sailing again.  If you are looking for an extra crew member, please give me a text/call on 0275707444
Listed: 4/7/19

Gearoid McCarthy
021 040 3845
Hi my name is Gearoid and I arrived in Auckland from Ireland in February of this year and in terms of previous experience I have very little with just a few outings in the last few years but I did complete a 1 week sailing course while in school maybe 9 years ago.  I am looking to learn and I am usually available at short notice most days of the week and I would be open to any events. I am a 25 year old male and willing to help out wherever I can and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.
Listed: 22/5/19

I’ve done some sailing, including Learn To Sail 1 & 2 and Summer Series at RYC. It was a great learning experience and I’m keen to continue to get the skills necessary to confidently take a yacht in my own hands. Keen to join cruising, racing or any other sailing opportunity (including overnight trips).  Cheers,  Frank
Listed: 14/5/19

Ben Levy
022 420 3881
Hi, my name is Ben. I am super keen to be part of a crew and do any kind of sailing (racing or cruising). I have moderate experience (about 4 weeks intensive sailing, either cruising or intensive course) but I am fit and a fast learner. As a currently do freelance work I am fairly available and flexible with my working hours week days or weekends. Hope to see you out on the water. Cheers, Ben
Listed:  7/5/19