Victoria Friday Night Special

friday special

Friday nights will never be the same again come join us during the summer for our Friday Night Special which is what we call our Friday night fun races.

The series provides an opportunity for people that have little or no sailing experience to race on keel boats around the buoys in the beautiful Waitemata Harbour in a supportive, low-key environment. Experienced sailors that wish to get more sailing in or wish to try out a number of new boats are also encouraged to join.

Each race you are allocated to a different boat, which can range in size from 26ft to 44ft. After each race there is a social evening for participants in the RYC clubrooms with the bar open and a meal available. The series is great for networking – we encourage crew members to let skippers know if they are available to crew for races outside of the Friday Night Special series.

To participate, you need to be a member of our club.

If you are crew looking to register follow the steps:

  1. Join the club by completing the membership form
  2. Complete the Crew Entry form and email it to us
  3. Pay the cost of the program $245 ($115 if you are already a crew member)
  4. Come to the prep session at the club where you will find out what is expected of you, what you need to wear, how to access the marina and a chance to ask questions.
  5. Check before each race what boat you are allocated to – be at the boat by 5.45pm on race days. Wear light-soled shoes to protect boat decks. Bring at least a windproof jacket, even when it’s sunny. Contact your skipper to see if you would be welcome to bring food and drink to share.
  6. Get ready for loads of fun; see you at the club after the race for a good yarn, drink, a feed and a brief seminar.
Race # Date
Intro 4th October 2019
1 11th October 2019
2 1st November 2019
3 8th November 2019
4 22nd November 2019
5 6th December 2019
6 31st January 2020
7 21st February 2020
8 20th March 2020

If you are a skipper and are looking for a fun Friday sail and a way to meet new people and crew complete the Boat Entry form and email it to us.

Contact Us for further information.