Crew Available

Ashley Swinglehurst
Hi, I am 26 years of age, male, strong with a good level of fitness. My new life goal is to learn how to sail and eventually live self sufficiently. I have a strong passion for the ocean but have never sailed before. Anyone willing to show me the ropes will surely be a friend for life.  Would live to jump straight into the winter racing.
●Available most weekends and evenings
●willing to bring beverages and snacks for crew
●happy to share expenses
Listed: 26/4/17

Chris Welsby
Hello my name is Chris I am a paddler for a dragon boating team in Auckland called the Random Jafas. Now our season is finished I am looking for a new challenge.  I am looking to join a Yacht club and Richmond yacht club appeared first in my search.  I do not have experience being part of a crew on Yachts. How ever I am a good team player, coachable, willing to learn, gives 110% effort and commitment and I am willing to get involved as much as possible.
I am available Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings. And even some Saturdays and Sundays when required.
If someone can please get back to me and provide me with some information this would be greatly appreciated.
Listed: 18/4/17

Alice Murray
Need an extra crew / travel companion / a hand for longer passages / cleaning and cooking help etc?
Alice Murray, 28 years old, non-smoker, drug-free and rarely drinks alcohol. Keen to crew on a trip around the islands north of New Zealand, and very happy to join your itinerary wherever that may be to gain experience / mile building towards Yachtmaster. I’m fully available for any trips from the beginning of May through to mid-September and very happy to do a bit of everything onboard such as cleaning, cooking, childcare, or even assisting scuba diving hobbyists! Have sailed recently in Paihia with an experienced Captain who is able to provide a reference, and previously in 2 week stints in the Mediterranean over many years, including some night sailing. Interests include scuba diving (PADI Divemaster and Rescue Diver qualified), free diving, kayaking, white water rafting, basically anything boats and water related. I love nature and wildlife, reading books when there is time, films, hiking / tramping. I’m clean, tidy, considerate and respectful with a cheerful attitude and pro-active spirit. Eager to learn all sorts, low maintenance and handy in the kitchen! Please contact me if you would like an extra crew, hand with a passage or a travel companion on 0275587178 or email
Listed: 12/4/17

Dear RYC members greetings and KIA ORA to all,
My name is RAD 35yrs. I am a proud Aucklander based in Parnell, originally from Morocco born in a city famous with it’s heritage of corsair for centuries, I promise the lucky Captain I won’t behave like a pirate and bring instead some homemade moroccan bread cheese, beers.. passionate about sailing my knowledge is still basic but I am fit to jump here & there, ready when you need me for a race.
Feel free to call or txt anytime. Aroha.

Michael Brockbank
Hi my names michael brockbank im from Manchester England and I’m 25 years old.  I’ve sailed before but not to a high level I’m keen to improve and learn new skills. I’m available every night throughout the week and I’m happy with sailing rain or shine. Please send me an email at if any opportunities become available look forward to hearing from you.  Happy to bring some beer along.
Listed: 6/4/17

Availability:  Anytime after 5:15pm or weekends.
Type of races would like to do:  ‘Cruising’, ‘Winter’, ‘Wednesday Nights’, ;Friday Nights’.
Experience:  Fairly new to sailing. Received my skippers license approx 5 years ago and sailed about 5 times since obtaining my license. But I am a keen learner and willing to commit to practise/racing on a long term basis once I find the right crew.
Any other optional information:  Female in my late 20s. Willing to bring beer and share expenses. My work is only 15 minutes’ walk away from the wharf and I have my gear with me most of the days.
Listed: 5/4/17

I know the season is just winding down – but I’m a happy crew member ready to sail. I Grew up with a bit of experience sailing dinghies and yachts. I’ve Been racing in Sydney and have plenty of blue water sailing around Australia, Med, and the Indian Ocean.  I’ll be in Auckland for the next few weeks before joining a yacht in the bay of islands heading to Vanuatu.  Look forward to hearing from you, happy to share costs and bring smiles and beer!  Charlie
Listed: 5/4/17

Hola, I am 25 and come from the beautiful sunny island of Mallorca. My Dad has been a sailor all his life and I have been lucky to learn a lot from him over the years. During summers when I was a kid, my family and I spent weeks sailing around the Balearic Islands archipelago. I just love the sea :-)
I recently moved to Auckland and I would really like to join the sailing community here. I work Monday to Friday and finish around 4:30pm so I can make myself available during weekday evenings. I am also available at weekends. I would be happy to take part in races but my preference has always been more relaxing sailing.  I look forward to hearing from you…
Listed: 4/4/17

Hi, I am Nicolas, a 27 years old French settling done in NZ for a long time duration and working in the sailing industry. Available any time of the year for any type of race or cruise, during weekdays depending on the starting time, and fully available during weekends. Good sailing inshore and offshore racing experience, with several campaigns on J80 keelboat. Can crew for any position on the boat. I used to be also a volunteer sailing cruise instructor in France. This is my fourth time in NZ (I have been in NZ one year and one month in total) and have already been racing on the Elliott 770 Crocodile at the RYC. Will bring beers and can bake chocolate cake for longer races.
Listed: 21/3/17

An active, fun-loving POME ‘fresh off the boat’ (5 weeks here), in Auckland for a while and looking at giving yachting a go. Where better place to try but the city of sails ay? No sailing experience particularly noteworthy of but interested in all outdoorsy sports and I’m a hands on, quick learner, available any evening, 29 year old…ALWAYS carrying a six pack. Give me a shout if you want a crew member with a (serious) bit of banter!
Listed: 10/3/17

Gary Henderson
Hi folks,  I’m keen on crewing in the Route 66 in a few days, if anyone needs a hand at this late stage. Available all 3 days. I’m 61, new-ish to sailing … this is my fourth season crewing in the Friday Night Special, and have done a couple of sailing-dinghy trips over to Waiheke with a friend. I take orders well!
Happy to contribute supplies & share expenses. Best contact is email; second best – text or call my mobile.  All the best, Gary
Listed: 1/3/17

Eleanor Holroyd
Couple in mid 50s with a little experience , keen to learn and will  buy a boat very soon,  contrubte to all costs and rum/ beer, available evenings and weekends, all weather fine, able to listen, doing everything  can to get experience.
Listed: 28/2/17

Noel Whyte
Hi my wife and I are new to Auckland. We are in our mid fifties and are very keen to further develop our sailing skills. While I would not describe us as novices we do have some experience. We are available most nights and we are not just fair weather sailors – happy to get out there all year round. Apart from sailing we are interested in the social aspects and meeting up with like minded people. No harm in having a glass of wine or beer after a few hours on the water, in fact we would regard that as compulsory.  Would love to hear from you if you are in need of crew, or even only “ballast”! – not that we carry much weight! Cheers Noel & Rosie
Listed: 24/2/17

Hamish Mellor
My name is Hamish and I’m a 21 year old recent uni graduate. I’ve sailed by whole life, racing dinghies and cruising on keelers. I’m keen to get out on the water in Auckland and do some racing, not a whole lot of experience in specific roles on a keeler but dead keen to learn!  I’m available the majority of days after work hours and on weekends. I can definitely bring beer/beverages and always up for a good yarn. I would be interested in any kind of sailing/racing/cruising. Cheers!
Listed: 22/2/17

Mark Berryman
I’ve been sailing small yachts since I was 9, and currently own a hobby cat. I love yachting, being on the water and having good yarns with a beer or two.  If you’re looking for a friendly face to fill a spot give me a bell for any type of sailing, Im, flexible but have appointments now and then, text me if easier.  Male. 30.
Listed: 16/2/17

Hamish Ford
Available for racing and cruising any time, short notice.
I have 6 month 2000+nm ocean cruising experience mainly on large 100+ft motor yachts but some sailing experience in there as well. Small amount of race crew experience in RYC Winter Series.
27 y/o kiwi guy with time on my hands in between jobs, happy to bring liquid contributions and keen to learn. Cheers, Hamish
Listed: 15/2/17

Alex Devereux
Male, 26 Keen to gain experience as crew in all formats
Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 5pm onwards
Very little experience, mainly on a sunburst
Listed: 14/2/17

Female mid twenties looking to get into sailing. Available most evenings. There are a group of us looking to get out there if you need more than one person. Spent a lot of time sailing as a child but would say experience is currently little to none. Happy to bring beers and good (average) chat. Best contact via email or text.
Listed: 14/2/17

Hello hello,  Take me onboard for these reasons:
-I have a nice smile :)
-I would absolutely love to get some experience and try it on my newly bought 22ft boat
-I am helpful :)
I’m available all eves except for Tuesdays. I am a female beginner who learns fast. I’m 31 and enjoy a nice chat over a drink and contribute towards it.
Cheers, Nasim
Listed: 7/2/17

Madison Clarke
I have grown up cruising around the Hauraki Gulf on my parents yacht. I am now keen to get involved in yacht racing and learn a bit more about sailing. Am happy to give anything a go!  I am 22 and working in Auckland CBD.  I am really interested in Wednesday Night Races, but am open to crewing at other events!  Let me know if you have a spot!
Listed: 7/2/17

George Weeks

English chap (32) recently arrived in Auckland and looking to get out on the water. I have sailed (on and off) almost my entire life, both dinghies and keelboats, in the UK, France, Mediterranean, and Australia. Also taught sailing at summer camp in Canada. Former member of Cambridge University Yacht Club. Available Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings and weekends. Based in central Auckland (Freeman’s Bay). Always willing to contribute beer, rum or other such beverages as may be necessary and chip in for expenses.
Listed: 3/2/17

Ben Meadows
021 890 253
Hi. I’m looking to get some experience on the water this summer as I’m hoping to buy a yacht.  I have some limited dinghy sailing experience and a little yachting experience but am keen to sail and to learn.  Can bring beer and share expenses.
Thanks  Ben, Age 55!
Listed: 2/2/17

Phoebe Reedman
Available for Wednesday racing, grew up sailing around Auckland and casual Friday racing in Perth through 2014, most experienced as a trimmer.  Now moved back to Auckland and cruising with the family on the weekends, but looking to join a semi-competitive crew to develop technical skills further and have some mid-week fun.  Happy to share expenses, nibbles and tipples.  Cheers,  Phoebe
Listed: 1/2/17

I am keen to crew on a yacht on the Wednesday night races.  Had a little bit of experience.  Happy to contribute beers and a contribution.
Listed: 24/1/17

Celine Le Couteur
Hi I’m Celine, I’m interested in all/any races and available most evenings and Sunday’s with possibility of short notice availability.  I grew up cruising/racing with my family as a child, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve had the pleasure.  I hold day skippers papers, but I’m interested in getting my yacht masters at some stage in the future, but feel I need to get more experience as an adult before I do so.  You can reach me on: 0221557326 WILL BRING BEER.
Listed: 19/1/17

Hi guys, Looking to get some experience sailing. I`m mid-late 20s originally from Scotland but been living in NZ for a few years now. Completed a learn to sail course in Wellington a couple of years ago but have had very little sailing time since.
Although limited sailing ability, I do work at sea so I know a bit about boats and general seamanship.  I live just up the road in Herne Bay and go to work for a week then have a week off so I have quite a lot of free time, also more than willing to cover any expenses etc.  Thanks.
Listed: 20/12/16