Crew Available – Old


Blake Ritchie
Hi all, I’m wanting to do some more sailing, my boating background is more to do with power boats – I’ve spent time on super yachts and used to be a deck officer on container ships/tankers etc and used to be a coast guard volunteer but sailing is where my interest lies these days. More than happy to contribe and help out where I can. (25 yo guy) Cheers, Blake 
Listed: 16/2/18

Jason Christini-Crawford
Hi all,I’ve belonged to the Richmond club since the start of the Friday night racing series last year and have been sailing since (as well as doing a few Wednesday night sessions).  I own a small yacht (25ft) and sail regularly, but she’s not quite ready for racing yet.  In the meantime I’m looking to do more regular Wednesday night racing.  I can manage main, headsail, keys, and can also sit on a rail 🙂
If you’re looking for some enthusiastic, determined crew then drop me a line and we’ll get something organised.
Listed: 7/2/18

Zoe Mellano and/or Thomas Mellano

02 75 99 38 84 
Hi, my name is Zoé, I am french, 30 years old. I’ve moved to Auckland in January and I’m looking for a boat to race regularly during the week or week-end. I used to sail on J80 / J70 and some keel boats. I am not the most experienced but I’m willing to learn ! I am a small template but in good condition and will be happy to help on board.

My husband, Thomas, who has been sailing since he is a child on many sport boats (Far 30, Melges 24, J80, J70 …) or IRC boats and has done match racing in Europe + some european and world championship, could also join us if needed ! He has experience whether as a helmsman, tactician, crew or sail trimmer.  The easier way to contact us is by text message. Cheers.
Listed: 24/1/17

Tim Maclean
Hi, I am available Wednesday nights and for cruising opportunities. I have recently completed my day skippers in Portugal and I am keen to get more involved in the sport!
I’m happy to bring beer, i’m turning the 30 this week and I enjoy a laugh.
Listed: 13/01/18


Esteban Castagnino

Hi there!!  My name is Esteban, I’m 19 years old and I am from ARGENTINA. I will be in Auckland from the Thursday 1st of March. I’m used to sailing on the river, I’ve never sailed in the sea before.  For that reason, I would like to go sailing for a while, as much as a few hours or a few days.  I have the Argentina’s license for sailing.
Listed: 9/2/18

Alice Tourame
Hello,  My name is Alice, I’m a French girl aged 30 years old.
I would like to learn more about sailing and share good experiences aboard a boat.  I’m motivated and curious to learn more about sailing, life onboard…
I lived 1 month aboard a catamaran in Australia, but I don’t really have lot of experience on how to sail.  I’m available during the weekend and I might be available more, if I know a little bit in advance. Just need to be organised.
I want to get some experiences to travel around the pacific islands aboard a boat, become a crew, help and share the experience.
I’m easy going, a dreamer and a traveller.    Thank you  Alice
Listed 8/2/18

Marek Dennhardt
My name is Marek. I just moved to New Zealand from Northwestern Ontario in Canada. I’ve been sailing my entire life and racing on Lake Superior. I’ve been racing bouys and long distance on a J41 IOR keel boat for the past 7 years in all positions including helm. I have some sport boat experience as well on a Melges 24.  I’m looking to see how my skills stack up against some of the best sailors in the world.  I’d love to come out and do any kind of racing here in New Zealand.  I also have my Captains license and will be searching for a sailing job if anyone has any connections.  Cheers!
Listed: 23/1/17

Hugo Alarcon S
Hi, I want to learn sailing, love the ocean and boats…Im welder qualified, mild , stainless and alloys…living in Henderson, NZ citizen, Cheers.
Listed: 17/01/18

Hi, I’m looking to get some (more) sailing experience. I have completed the Learn To Sail level 1 and 2 – but did not have much chance to sail since. Wanting to hop on a yacht to help out and learn from others. Available Weekends and Fridays and most of the days in January / February. Thanks, Frank
Listed: 8/12/17

John Meyer
My wife and I are traveling in NZ for a couple weeks and have a week in Auckland where we hope to do some cruising and see some areas a bit off the beaten path. Not extensive experience but hard workers and eager to learn.
Listed: 5/12/17