Crew Available


Josh Thompson
Hi,  I am a 27 Yo professional who has grown up around boating and yachts.  I have raced P class, Optimus and Lasers, but have been out of the scene for over 7 years.  I want to become involved in a team, and as I am self-employed am available whenever. I am strong, fit and a great team player.
Listed: 12/12/17

Michele Henderson
I’d like to race! I have raced Farr 30s, Melges 24s, J120s, J105s, J122s, IOR boats, misc others. I like speedy boats & focused crews. Not as excited about drinking as I am about racing. I am open to any position on the boat, but most often have been on the bow, in the pit, or trimming the kite. I just arrived in Auckland, after 16,000 nautical miles of sailing. I have free time & can be available on fairly short notice or for practice, etc. Cheers! Michele
Listed: 7/11/17

Looking for a regular spot on Wednesday Night racing.  Ahoy there! I’m a 35 years old Portuguese Skipper (International Inshore Yacht Master License #170032PT13PL0101) with experience as Master and Mate in fast Catamaran Vessels, Sailing Vessels and I’m entitled to Class A Radio Operator #05130272PT. My current official ocean/sea freight are 3051 miles.  I also have an academic degree on communications design, but I’m sure it won’t help you on nothing else besides an slightly interesting chat on board.
Thanks for reading this. Cheers
Listed: 13/9/17

Thomas Lorenzo
My partner and I started on the Friday night special and loved It.
We would be keen to join a crew fore weekend cruise or races Day Trip or Multi-days.  We are both in our mid 30s and a really active couple (surfing, hiking, travelling…) keen to experience and learn new things.
I would also be available for races during the week too if needed.
Please give me a bell whether you need both of us or just one of us!
Will drop loads of beers or juices if works better!:-)
Cheers Thom
Listed: 19/10/17


Hi, I’m looking to get some (more) sailing experience. I have completed the Learn To Sail level 1 and 2 – but did not have much chance to sail since. Wanting to hop on a yacht to help out and learn from others. Available Weekends and Fridays and most of the days in January / February. Thanks, Frank
Listed: 8/12/17

John Meyer
My wife and I are traveling in NZ for a couple weeks and have a week in Auckland where we hope to do some cruising and see some areas a bit off the beaten path. Not extensive experience but hard workers and eager to learn.
Listed: 5/12/17

Felix Binder
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
My name is Felix Binder, I am 18 years old, from Germany. I graduated high school in summer 2017, and I will travel through New Zealand from February to April 2018. During my travels, I would like to join a sailing journey for a week during the period 08 – 21 Feb 2018 (I would also be very happy to join a sailing trip for a few days, in case a week is not possible). I have already collected a lot of sailing experience in the last years through sailing journeys on the Mediterranean Sea with my dad. Furthermore, I am currently getting my sailing license.  Please contact me if there is an opportunity in your sailing club via e-mail. I hope to hear from you soon, have a great day!
Warm regards, Felix
Listed: 31/10/17

Noel and Rosie  >
021943972 Noel; 0212977432 Rosie
Fun loving, well travelled couple in our mid 50s, recently relocated to Auckland, my wife and I are keen to improve our sailing ability.  We have some experience but definitely need more practice!! Last year we completed Penny Whiting’s competent crew course and also participated in a few of the Friday night specials at RYC.  We like the club and have enrolled for the Friday night special this year. Happy to contribute to refreshments if we can get a sail, expenses too, and of course follow instruction!  Do enjoy a post sail debrief over a cleansing ale or glass of wine.  Look forward to hearing from you…!
Listed: 3/10/17