2017 Richmond Regatta

UPDATE – 26 Apr – Not all boats are on the online entries list… if you are thinking it’s too late, think again… we’re extending the entry deadline, please contact the club to enter – you’ll need to use a standard ENTRY FORM.

Saturday 29th Sunday 30th April 2017
2 Days of Windward Leeward Racing

Thanks to our 2017 sponsors, Advantage Door Services and Mariner Insurance:


This year we’re adding open divisions to the traditional RYC ‘Associations Regatta’ to give a wider range of our boats a chance at windward-leeward racing!

In addition to the usual associations, we are supporting any ‘class’ up to 31ft that can field 5 boats with their own start. Classes need to be close in performance, but do not necessarily need to be one-design or at ‘class rules’. Get your boats together and join!

Classes could include:

  • Noelex 22, 25, 30
  • Ross 780, 830, 930
  • Trackers
  • Marauders
  • Reactors
  • Magic 25
  • Davidson 28
  • Farr 9.2
  • Farr 727
  • Peidy
  • Elliot 770
  • etc… bring it!

Please enter (and pay) online using the new online entry system. It works a charm and it will be the new standard for RYC entries from 2017 on. (For luddites, there’s a traditional EF available this time!)