Richmond is a friendly yacht club for racing and cruising in Auckland, New Zealand. We are located on the breakwater at Westhaven Marina, literally and figuratively at the heart of sailing in Auckland. Come sail with us!

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We have a programme to suit every taste – whether you are interested in besting the opposition in round-the-buoys racing, a team player or a solo sailor. We have it all – social events, overnight cruises, passage sailing, BBQs, and beaches.

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Richmond Yacht Club

We've got a new quiz for you (borrowed from the American Sailing Association). This one is a bit easier, so feel free to get the family involved! Private message us your answers for a chance to win a spot prize, and we'll post the answers in the comments in a few days! Tip: If you pop a random comment below (not the answers), you'll be notified when we post the answers!

Sailing terms:

1. What is the Clew of a sail?

2. Where is the companionway on a sailboat?

3. What is a grommet?

4. What is a spar?

5. What does a block mean in sailing terms?

6. Simply put, what does the word “draft” mean in terms of sail trim?
A). The amount of wind that spills off of a sail, usually a mainsail
B).The measured force of wind hitting the sails
C). The measured angle of the headsail as it relates to the main on a sloop-rigged boat
D). The curvature of a sail where the depth is the greatest

7). In terms of sail trimming - what is a twist?

8). The most common reason for weather helm is?
A). Strong currents
B). Winds so light the boat follows its natural tendency to move to windward
C). Excessive heel
D). Uncalibrated linkage within the steering system

9. What does pinching mean?

10. What is a preventer?
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