About Us

About Us

Richmond YC is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation. Committee members can be contacted via theĀ clubhouse office.

The 2018-19 RYC Officers

President: Hans Swete (Transformer)
Commodore: Andrew Burr
Vice Commodore: Mark Becroft (Maggie May)
Rear Commodore: Tony Evans (Predator)
Treasurer: Steve Morriss (Belle)
Secretary: Dagmar Bellamy

The 2018-2019 General Committee

Chris Crone
Gordon Dyer (Apparition)
Keith Bekker (Manawa)
Jacky Bush
Jeremy Cope (Revolution Blues)
Parizad Dantra (Hydaulink MRX)
Richard Limbrick (Cool Change)

Office Manager: Kate Herstell (Mintaka)
Club Manager: Mark Becroft (Maggie May)
Building Manager: Keith Bekker (Manawa)

AGM Nomination Form 2019