About Us

About Us

Richmond YC is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation. Committee members can be contacted via the clubhouse office.

The 2018-19 RYC Officers

President: Hans Swete (Transformer)
Commodore: Andrew Burr
Vice Commodore: Mark Becroft (Maggie May)
Rear Commodore: Tony Evans (Predator)
Treasurer: Steve Morriss (Belle)
Secretary: Dagmar Bellamy

The 2018-2019 General Committee

Andrew ‘G’ Hall (Intrinsic)
Chris Crone
Gordon Dyer (Apparition)
Keith Bekker (Manawa)
Liz Alonzi (Mercury Rising)
Jacky Bush
Keith Bekker (Manawa)
Parizad Dantra (Hydaulink MRX)
Richard Limbrick (Cool Change)
Tony McAlwee (Wild Oats)

Office Manager: Kate Herstell (Mintaka)
Club Manager: Mark Becroft (Maggie May)
Building Manager: Keith Bekker (Manawa)